Our goal is to bring back the old guns with modern quality components and to also manufacture firearms unmatched by the factory. Sporting, hunting, competitive and long-range shooting is our model trained by the Military.

Gunsmithing in and of itself is rare and in high demand. Our focus is to accommodate the shotguns, rifles and handguns handed down in closets everywhere. Functionality and quality from our past is second to none, with the industry trending towards mass production. In our model, we strive on time honored tradition, from our consignment program to the upgrade of any weapon, Guns N More has the objective of offering a service to our customers. With the mill and lathe in our shop and the expansion of our archery service center, we leave no stone unturned. We offer a range of services from firearm cleaning, firearm servicing, repairs & alterations, firearm sporterizing, customizations, cerakote, restorations, accurizing, firearm sales, and full range of archery services.


Custom Builds & Precision Firearms

Accuracy & Performance Are Key

Guns N More is committed to building only the finest quality match grade precision firearms. We only use the finest components available on the market today.  All Machining and fabrication is done in-house by a certified gunsmith with years of experience. Whether you are wanting a everyday carry, competition pistol, rifle for hunting or long-range rifle, accuracy and performance are key. We at Guns N More aim to please with every firearm we build.

  • Custom Conceal & Carry
  • Custom Competition Pistol
  • Custom Rifle for Hunting
  • Custom Long-Range Rifle


Restorations Is Our Forte Is An Understatement

To say restorations is our forte is an understatement. It is the bases of our company and why we elected to change the industry. One of the perceptions is that restorations can decrease the value of a gun. If performed under the wrong setting it can deface the value, if performed by a certified gunsmith it will not only increase in function ability but also the value.
  • Salt Bluing
  • Rust Bluing
  • Parkerizing
  • Cerakote
  • Stock Refinishing


Honest & Reliable Archery Service

As bow hunters we wanted to pass on the ability to customize one more thing in your arsenal. Passionate bow hunters know how hard it is to find an honest and reliable service center. With only the best in equipment we bring the same dynamic to archery as our firearm division. We are not limited to the typical service work and the bolt on equipment. In our shop we can create color schemes and parts not offered anywhere else, while maintaining cost effectiveness.
  • Service
  • Paper Tune
  • Draw Length Adjustment
  • Cam Balance
  • Rest Replacement
  • Custom Arrow Cutting
  • Restring


Creating Precision Firearms

One of our partnerships with a CNC company allows us to create out of the box scope mounts and components. With industry leading low tolerances and achieving military grade precision. We can create a precision firearm from the ground up, a deer rifle to show off at the lease or shotgun like no other.
  • Durable
  • Sights & Optics/Ring lapping/Laser bore sighting
  • Stock fitting & bedding/Recoil pads
  • Match grade barrels and parts
  • Blueprinting actions & bolts
  • Trigger jobs or drop in
  • In Shoots rails & Bipods

Firearm Sales

Sell Your Firearm For Top Value

We keep a catalog and inventory that reaches to out to everyone. New and used inventory are always available partnering with almost all the top firearm manufacture’s. We have derived a way to use Guns N More as a middle man to broker your weapon. If we do not buy the lot directly from you, we reach out to a network of buyers and auction sites to make it as painless for you as possible.
  • Custom Builds
  • New & Used in House or Online
  • Consignment Program

Cerakote Gun Coating

Elite Series/Oven Cure | H Series/Oven Cure | High-Temp/Air Ture

Cerakote is the industry leading thin film ceramic coating for firearms. From color sequins and company logos, cerakote is an application that is performed in house. We have engineered the baking process with our multiple kilns and stencil cutting to keep your options open.
Visit Cerakote Gun Coatings for inspiration.
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Thermal Stability
  • UV Stability

Quality Work Focused on Safety, Marksmanship, and Precision

Get in touch for any inquiries or for any questions about our services.